About Me

Hi! I’m Timi. (my odd name is a long and fun story, that I will share with you all sometime soon!) I’m just a small town girl, living in a lonely world. I took the midnight train going anywhere. Oh, wait, sorry… that’s not true. I get carried away sometimes. Anywho, I’m a wife to my handsome, hard-working and ridiculously stubborn husband and a mother to two beautiful and completely crazy children. I am, in fact a small town girl, in a county in Western New York that has more cows than people. I’ve suddenly found myself at a point in my life where I just need to do something for me. Something new, and exciting and liberating. I want to eventually do something BIG. Like really big. But I’m not sure what exactly that is yet. So I thought I’d start here and see where this leads me!

I went to college to be an Elementary School teacher, but then graduated and found myself having a hard time finding a teaching job and not exactly sure what to do next. I married my husband in 2010 who I have now been with for almost 15 years. On Memorial Day in 2012, we welcomed our son and in 2015, on our 5th Wedding Anniversary, our daughter. Since becoming a Mother, I’ve been a part-time working Mom and I’ve recently decided to stay at home full time for a bit. I’ve realized recently that the things that I love doing the most, the things that bring me the most joy and energy and purpose, are not things that are typically done for a living. So dammit, I’ve decided to try! I’m an avid crafter, DIY-er and talker… so I’m hoping I can combine these things (along with a splash of my humor and small town love) and create something that you will all enjoy!

Feel free to email me anytime at alavishlove.com, or find me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Thank you for allowing me to share the ramblings of my mind with you!