The Struggle is So Real

I wasn’t planning on writing a post today, I was only going to write once a week. Since today (May 1, 2017) is Day #1, I figured I would write on Monday the 8th and continue to update on Monday’s. BUT, I’ve already had a few thoughts that I want to share and I’m always afraid that if I don’t share right away, I will forget the details.

A little history: A few weeks ago I researched Dave Asprey’s “Bulletproof Rapid Fat Loss Protocol.” I decided to give it a shot. It sounds very drastic and a little scary, but I figured I wouldn’t do it for too long. I was thinking maybe two weeks, just to get a good jump start. But then, I discovered that the supplements that are recommended during the program, would cost me a bunch of money that I don’t really want to spend right now. So I decided I would just kind of wing it and tweak the program a little. His program requires that you drink BulletProof coffee, take supplements and have a carbohydrate re-feed day every 5 or 6 days. I’m just completely paraphrasing here for the sake of time and space, so please, go to the Bulletproof website to read up on the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol. This isn’t something that I just randomly decided to try. I have experimented a lot with a Keto Diet (LC/HF- low carb, high fat) and IF (intermittent fasting). I have actually had really good luck, but have never managed to stick with anything for that long. We can get into that more another time, but for now, I’ll try to stay on topic!


So I decided that I would just kind of see how I feel and maybe supplement a little with a few LC/HF options as necessary. Not that I don’t want to or am not willing to try to do it Dave’s way, I just really want to listen to my body for once in my life and not push it too hard. Also, like I mentioned, I am not purchasing all of the supplements at this time, so I will obviously need to make up for that. I already have a few of the vitamins on hand, so I will definitely be taking those. I have vitamin D, magnesium and potassium, krill oil and vitamin C. So I also purchased some Atkins shakes and some raw macadamia nuts and a few other low carb items.


Okay, so today was Day #1. I woke up and didn’t ingest any calories until 11:00am. I am not a morning eater as it is, so skipping breakfast is no big deal to me. I do usually have coffee (with cream and sugar) at some point between 8:00 and 9:00am. I waited until 11:00 and then I decided to make my very first Bulletproof coffee. Now I LOVE coffee and I like butter a lot too, but the thought of mixing the two, honestly does not sound appetizing to me at all. But I decided to see what the fuss was all about. So I brewed 2 cups of coffee, I added 1 tablespoon of Kerrygold unsalted grass-fed butter, 1/2 a tablespoon of Brain Brew Premium MCT Oil, 1 teaspoon of Organic Vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon. I used my immersion blender to blend it all up. It smelled divine. If you are a fellow coffee lover, so will love the way it smells. And it looks delicious! The blender helps the coffee to get all frothy and foamy just like a good cup of $5 coffee from fancy coffee shop. Now, for the true test… the Taste Test! I honestly expected the butter and the oil to make the coffee kind of greasy or to feel an oily residue on my lips. But that was not the case at all. The texture is and cream-factor are great. I am not going to lie, I really enjoy some sweetness to my coffee and I would also have enjoyed it more if it had some cream in it. A few of the BP coffee recipes I have seen have said to add a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream, so I planned to grab some and add it to my afternoon coffee. My overall opinion of my first mug of Bulletproof coffee is that it was good. Just good, nothing more, nothing less. A little too “plain” for my usual tastes, but lets face it, my usual tastes are the cause of my problem! I drank the 16 ounce mug pretty fast, because I figured it would not be good once it got cold. But here’s the thing that’s bothering me… I did not feel too hot after drinking it. Not necessarily “sick”, just kind of blah. I felt bloated and a little nauseous and even a little light-headed. Which in all of my research, I haven’t heard anyone describe this experience. And I have done quite a bit of Intermittent Fasting and have never had any issues; I know 100% that my body is absolutely fine with not eating for a good stretch of time, so I know that is not the issue. But since I was feeling a little light-headed, I decided to eat a small snack. I had some organic jerky and handful of macadamia nuts to see if that would settle my stomach. In the end, it didn’t really help. I kind of felt yucky for a few hours. I peed about 357 times throughout the afternoon. I’m sure that is a combination of the caffeine in the coffee and the diuretic effects that low-carbing has on the body. I didn’t real feel very hungry throughout the day so that was definitely a good thing. I decided to make my second cup of BP coffee around 3:00 and by that time I was feeling a little better. The second cup made me feel exactly the same as the first cup! I also peed another 357 times this round, and I also just felt yucky. Nauseous and kind of bloated and just not great. Now I have read that if you over do the MCT oil too fast, that you can definitely experience some adverse effects! But I only added 1/2 a table spoon to each cup of coffee (for a total of 1 tablespoon for the day) and everything I have read, says this should be fine. So far, I haven’t experienced any of those aforementioned adverse effects if you know what I mean, so that’s a good thing!




I’m not going to go into the details of the fact that I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. There’s not enough space on the internet for all of that craziness. Maybe someday I’ll talk about it, or figure out why it’s always been a THING for me, or hell, maybe you’ll psychiatrize me (remember my Word Invention talent?) and we will figure it out together. Or maybe not. Who knows? Maybe I will forever wonder why? But I just cannot succumb to the idea that this will always be my struggle. So last night, when I went to bed, I said some prayers. I told God that I am ready, to once and for all say goodbye to this struggle. I refuse to let this part of my life define me. I feel like I have let it define me for my entire life, and I am done.


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